• NPC Killer
  • Box, Resource & Booty Box Collector
  • Palladium Collector (+ randomized collecting)
  • Skylab builder & resource transfer
  • Automatic drone repair
  • Automatic GG Spinner
  • A web control panel to access your bot from anywhere
  • Push notifications (Pushbullet and Discord)
  • Custom event system (Press keys, switch profiles, logout - in customizable scenarios)
  • Timetable feature (bot anything, anywhere, at any time)
  • Configuration editor to set up ship equipment to automatically be used with the timetable
  • Group system (invite, ignore/reject/accept group invites, attack group NPCs)
  • Galaxy Gates (ABG, Delta, Epsilon, Zeta, Kappa, Lambda, Kuiper, Kronos, Hades, Quarantine Zone, Trial of Terror, LoW, Cold Wave, Eternal, Gauntlet of Plutus)
  • PET Support (Guard mode, auto looter, resource collector, enemy locator, cargo trader, sacrificial flame)
  • Kamikaze gear supported for Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Hades
  • Supports pirate maps
  • Palladium seller
  • Automatic completion of active quests
  • Cubikon Graveyard (???) Map Traveller
  • Cubikon mode
  • Flees and jumps from enemies in sight
  • Traveling using the Star System
  • Remember attackers
  • Avoids Clan Battle Stations
  • Automatic respawn & reconnect
  • Stop after x deaths
  • Whitelist for friendly players
  • Blacklist for enemies (+ Flee only from blacklisted players)
  • Use ability when fleeing from enemy
  • Configurable NPC-specific settings
  • Human behaviour (breaks, random movement)
  • Automatic reload of the game to save memory
  • Config and drone formation settings (Attacking, flying, fleeing)
  • Game map overview with statistics
  • Works in the background
  • Supports both 2D and 3D mode
  • Automatic bot client updater
  • Backpage access (+ Copy SID to clipboard)
  • + Much more!


Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2 Screenshot 3 Screenshot 4


Supported operating systems:

  • Windows 7 and above (64-bit)


The bot can currently be bought here: Bestbots Website


30 Days

  • 1 Session
  • Full down-time compensation
  • Fast game updates*


30 Days

  • 2 Sessions
  • Full down-time compensation
  • Fast game updates*


30 Days

  • 4 Sessions
  • Full down-time compensation
  • Fast game updates*
* Update time will vary, but will generally happen within a few hours